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Car Insurance & Car Theft

Recently I have heard from my friend that his car was stolen in the last weekend, really bad luck. Not only this, he bought a third party car insurance and so he have no insurance cover of this car.

Actually I am not a bit surprise as his car is quite expensive (BMW), but he has told me that he is a weekend driver only and so he thinks only the minimum coverage is needed. Well, it is true, or not sure. It is because he doesn’t have a private car park and sometimes need to park the car outside his private housing estate. Clearly in this case, basic car insurance cover is not enough.

In order to avoid car insurance theft, you should think of these:

Never believe manufacturer-installed vehicle theft protection is enough for your car. In many cases, we can see that the experienced and determined thieves can lock and unlock a Club and similar devices.

Everybody knows illegal parking should be avoided, but, street parking or outdoor parking is not a good idea too. Also, remember to contact police as soon as possible when the crime happens.

All cars need to be insured – it’s the law. However, some drivers will assume their insurance covers car theft loss under third party car insurance but it is not. Third party car insurance helps to protect other people, vehicles and property in the event of an accident that was deemed to be your fault. Although a more comprehensive coverage costs higher, it is absolutely essential for higher value cars.

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